Chairman's Message

The world is shrinking. The corporate world even more so. Economies across the globe are quickly integrating into a mega world economy. In this era of strategic alliances, joint ventures and unpredictable market conditions cross-cultural capabilities and visionary leadership are requisites of the corporate world. Clearly the need of the hour is LEADERS with a global perspective on economic, technological, cultural and political interfaces with business. A prerequisite of leadership is to look beyond the present. To be an innovator in business or a stimulant of change in society, you need to extend your sight beyond your current knowledge and capabilities.

At MIPS our objective is to prepare leaders who go beyond conventional management skills. Be it management or technology or education our graduates are trained not only to be effective but to innovate. We seek students who thrive on change and who strive to drive it to success. What better place to do this than at MIPS, where new ways of thinking and doing things are central to the curriculum.

With a high class infrastructure supported by state-of-the-art technology, MIPS continues to look far beyond the routine, in its endeavour to produce leaders capable of a new hallmark.